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Only 15 years ago it was something rare and special to claim you had published a book. As a published Christian Author people instantly thought you were a master of your profession and subconsciously assumed you had achieved a great accomplishment. Those were the golden ages for the long standing traditional Christian Publishing Companies who publicly controlled the market.

Now everything has changed and Christian Publishing Companies are changing along with the times.

If you really wanted too you could scribble some words on your computer, snap a photo, upload it, and BAM within 5 minutes you can legally claim the title of a “Published Christian Author.” Unfortunately many have done exactly that especially when Amazon kindle had their first boom. In the midst of all of this global caucus Christian Publishing Companies such as LMDM Publishing House are setting a standard of excellence in today’s widespread market.

LMDM Publishing House continues to exceed every expectation of our Christian authors. We provide the highest quality at affordable prices when it comes to: translating, editing, graphic design, printing, AND Global Distribution!

We have a plan for success to meet ANY budget!

Who Is LMDM Publishing House

LMDM Publishing House, is a Christian-based, mainline publishing organization with a mission to discover unknown authors. We combine unknown authors’ undiscovered potential with our unique approach to publishing and provide them with the highest quality books and the most inclusive benefits package available.

LMDM Publishing House is a subdivision of Lay Me Down Ministry Inc. LMDM serves as a corporate umbrella for many ministries and organizations such as: Healing Word Church, Sons of Thunder, and LMDM Publishing House.

We believe EVERY author of a quality manuscript deserves the right to the same distribution access as any mainline publishing company. At LMDM Publishing House we provide just that! We treat EVERY book as if it were the only book on our label! We can’t promise you will sell a million copies but we can promise it will be made available to the WHOLE world!
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Our Crazy Skills

Distribution 79
Editing 95
Graphic Design 90
Professionalism 100

Meet Covenant Partners

Lay Me Down Ministry
Lay Me Down Ministry Corporate Umbrella
LMDM (Lay Me Down Ministry) is a Christian ministry birthed to the world through a baptism of anguish. Through the power and love of Jesus they continually strive to convince this confused and crippled generation to willingly surrender their lives to the coming King.
Healing Word Church
Healing Word ChurchCovenant Partner
HWC is a Fundamental Evangelical Christian Denomination that was founded and resides under the corporate umbrella of Lay Me Down Ministry Inc.
Sons of Thunder
Sons of ThunderCovenant Partner
SOT is a 12 month intense residential ministry school. Each day all students split their training between classroom setting and practical training.UPON graduation each Son of Thunder is then given the opportunity to internship with LMDM.